From the product idea to construction, selection of materials, creating prototypes- and serial production tools as well as providing measurement and testing equipment, to an article ready for serial production– E&G Kunststofftechnik is your partner for complex projects as well.

Medical technology:
Housing and accessories for respiratory devices

Automobile industry:
Glove compartments, driver’s console cladding, seat shells, arm rests, armatures

Agricultural machines:
Monitor housings, trim parts, steering frame

Recreational vehicles:
Hoods, frames, shrouds

Electrical industry:
Television housings, housings for receivers, gears, pump housings, worm gears

Measuring devices:
Monitoring device cars including accessories

Packaging industry:
Staple boxes for electronic components

Lighting industry:
Reflectors, housings

Heating technology:
Shrouding covers

Furniture manufacture:
Shelving systems, mouldings